Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't figure out how to log into the web site. I'm a member, what do I need to do?

A:  If you are already a member, you are set up to be able to log into the site.  Just click "Login" then "Forgot Password." If you still need help just send an email to the  - Tom Esker.

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Q: How do I sign up for a hike or other outing?

A: Either Click "Events" -> "Join a Hike/Bike/Paddle or Other Outing - OR - Scroll through the list of outings on the homepage below the rotating pictures and pick an outing.

Q: How can I look up another member's email address or phone number or street address?

A: Go to "Members Only" -> "Member Directory" (you must be logged in)

Q: Using my Mac, I don't see a scrollbar next to the list of hikes on the home page to allow me to scroll through the list.

A: Click the System Preferences icon in your Mac's desktop dock, or go to the Apple Menu and choose System Preferences. When the System Preferences box opens, click the General icon in the top row. In "the General box, go to the “Show scroll bars” section and click the button next to Always.

Q: I don't want other members to be able to see my address or phone number or email address - how can I hide this information?

A: Log into the site - or if you are already logged in, clicked your name at the top right of the screen then Privacy->Edit and set who can see what!

Q: I didn't get my electronic Trailmarker/PHOC email announcement about upcoming event/other PHOC email.

A: Here is a link with instructions on how to "whitelist" our domain "" for many common email systems so that your spam filtering system will not block it. 

Q: Can I still sign up for hikes and other outings the old way - by contacting the leader via their contact info listed in the TrailMarker?

A:  We'd prefer that you sign up for outings using the website as this will help greatly with recordkeeping and keeping stats on outings, but yes, you can still sign up for events the old way. 

Q: I heard that there is a smartphone app that I can use to view/sign up for outings and also to view member contact information and even contact members.  How does this work?

A: Download the "Wild Apricot for Members"  app in the App Store or Google Play Store and log in. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner (3 stacked lines) then Choose "Members" or "Events."  Outings are under "Events."   To sign up for an Outing, just tap the outing and then "Register."

Q: How to I cancel my registration for an outing?

A:  Go to the Outing (Events->Join a Hike/Bike/Paddle or Other Outing->Click the Outing)-> Click "Already Registered"->"Cancel Registration"   (You must be logged into the site)

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