Club Rules

Hikes and Outings

Please check out our Hike Ratings page to determine if a particular hike is suitable for you.

New hikers should read our Dayhike Essentials to best prepare for one of our hikes.

Potential members are welcome to attend a hike or other outing to check us out.  We're confident that you will join soon afterwards!

Outings Protocol

  • Practice "Leave No Trace", pack out what you pack in and absolutely no littering.
  • Let the outing leader know you are going to attend.
  • Arrive at least 5-10 minutes early for the outing.
  • If carpooling, reimburse your driver a suggested $4.00 / hour for driving costs.
  • Always take snacks, lunch, and plenty of water.
  • Always pack rain gear & bring some extra clothes.
  • Always bring some clothes to change into after the hike.
  • Remember, your participation is at your own risk.

Hike leaders, make sure everyone signs the Release Form before hiking. Additional guidance on being an effective hike leader is provided in this Suggestions document.

A list of Hiking Routes frequently included in the outings schedules is available.

Our Proposed Calendar (available when you log into the members only section) displays the hikes, outings, and meetings being considered for a future Trailmarker. Contact the to volunteer leading your favorite hiking, boating, biking, restaurant, or other outing.

Please Note: Final approval to participate in hikes, bike rides, paddles, travel trips and similar events is at the discretion of the leader(s), who are entrusted with ensuring the safety of the group during the event.

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