The President's Corner


Come, heart, where hill is heaped upon hill,
for there the mystical brotherhood
of sun and moon and hollow and wood
and river and stream work out their will.
— William Butler Yeats

Welcome to all our new and returning members. I urge you to embrace the outings your club has to offer. Get outside, get your boots muddy, your paddles wet, your bike tires scuffed, and your bellies sated. Make new friends and enjoy.

Thank you to Ruth Moss for the superb job putting together this September-October Trailmarker. Most of all thanks to all the outing leaders for stepping up, giving your time and expertise in leading these outings.

September-October are two of the most enjoyable months of the year to be outside. The hottest days of the summer are now behind us. The mountains with their upper elevations are much cooler and dryer. The air is crisp and clear. Our watersheds are less humid. The streams are clearer. The fall foliage is starting to turn. What a glorious time of year. This is the time of year to make it a priority to participate in PHOC outings, and you have the tool to make the most of this, the September-October Trailmarker.

About the time you receive this Trailmarker we will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Mountains to the Sea Trail. The idea of a hiking trail across NC was first mentioned in a speech on September 9, 1977 by Howard Lee then NC secretary of Natural Resources. The 1200 mile State Park Trail is a reality and has joined the other famous trails in the US. 700 miles have been built, the rest uses back road connections as it goes from Clingman’s Dome on the NC-TN border to Jockey’s Ridge on the Atlantic. On September 9th the Friends of the MST is sponsoring a “MST in a Day” hike with the goal of having different people section hike all the legs of the entire trail. PHOC member Joel Deaton is the MST section 8 coordinator. For the portion of the trail from Hanging Rock SP to Bryan Park in Greensboro. I hope you join Joel and other PHOC members on this endeavor. For information on how to participate go to:

Our club continues to grow and prosper. At the end of July we had 74 new members 322 total members compared to 310 total members July 2016. Our treasury is healthy as well with a balance of $5944.96. We are on budget with expenses and revenues.

See you on the trails.

John Furnas