Member Photo Guidelines

One of the most visited PHOC webpages is our "Photos" page. This page contains links to photo albums uploaded by our hikers, paddlers, bikers, and other outing participants. In addition to current members, prospective members view these photos to get a taste of the fun activities offered by the club.

Over the past several years, the number of folks submitting photo links has decreased markedly. To keep the page fresh and to show the variety of our activities, the club encourages members to take photos on our outings and share them.

Photo links from outings that were open to all club members are suitable for display. These outings include those announced in the Trailmarker and those broadcast over our Google Groups Email List. Photo links from "invitation only" or "private" outings should not be posted on the "Photos" page.

The procedure to make your photos available on our "Photos" webpage is as follows:

1. You must set up an account on a photo-sharing website. Examples include, but are not limited, to Flickr, Google+, and Photobucket.

2. Upload the photos to a "set" or "album" on your photo-sharing website. Set the permissions option to allow others (or those with the link) to view them.

3. Send the "album" or "set" link to the PHOC webmaster who will then add your link to the "Photos" page.

Keep in mind we suggest a minimum of 8-10 photos associated with each link. In addition, we suggest that Facebook links NOT be used since viewing photos there results in rather small images and the normal Facebook clutter. Members appreciate sharp, colorful, and interesting photos, so be sure to consider the photos carefully that you upload.